About us

ATS commenced operations in 2006. ATS profiles itself as a solutions-based company, specializing in emerging markets and challenging environments and takes time to understand each customer’s individual business needs. ATS knows what it takes to successfully manage extraordinary transport or logistical projects as well as investing in businesses in complex political situations.  We know that markets who suffer from political instability, unstable security and weak transport infrastructure needs to be given a systematic boost that can rapidly build up large projects successfully.  We have systems in place to manage those challenges effectively.

The powerful and essential partner networking strategy gives ATS an unparalleled opportunity to finish projects successfully globally. With partner agents available at different locations around the world gives us a great advantage to anticipate on potential business opportunities especially in complex DESTEP- environments.

ATS provides trustworthy transportation via air, land and sea using the latest technologies and solutions in order to successfully fill the needs of our customers. Not only does ATS  provide transport and logistical solutions, they also provide successful reviews and insights in businesses in emerging markets especially in the Middle East and Central Asian countries.

The different industrial activities vary enormously in business opportunities, we strive to look and exploit different investment opportunities in emerging markets. We will use those possibilities at the utmost of its potential.