We are analyzing DESTEP-environments closely in emerging markets where the political landscape of that country seems to form a threat to businesses. In order to find patterns in such landscapes it is important for us to spot fruitful opportunities in either investments, logistical services or transportation services. In order to work effectively and efficiently at the same time, we outline the basics of our approach below in order to achieve our goals:

•    Compose the right team who are extremely motivated to make a success out of the business. They all must have           the right chemistry of expertise in order to take on the challenge and work together as a team.

•    Utilize our extensive network play a diplomatic role in brokering deals with the locals to bring the majority of wells          to the surface and make it profitable for all parties.

•    Create differential features of processing that lead to low risk decision making with high profitable returns.

•    Create an environment where trust will be a crucial factor for all the parties to reach the most profitable outcome.

•    An outlined analysis of crucial competitors and mapping the market structure to have a clear picture of the current      situation.